Best shoes for Walking on Concrete – Top-Rated [5 Men- 5 Women shoes]

Concrete is a material composed of cement, aggregate, and water. It hardens over time. Standing or walking on concrete floors for a long period of time can hurt your feet. It puts pressure on your body so you may have chronic joint injuries. So, for the protection of feet, your selection of shoes should be quite well. You have to choose The Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete so that you can protect your feet from swelling and pain.

For walking or standing on hard surfaces such as concrete, for a long time, your shoes must be comfortable. Otherwise, it may hurt your feet and legs too. It may cause different ailments like body fatigue, swelling, ankle and sometimes back pain. The reason why concrete surfaces are not comfortable to walk on is their inflexibility. When you are on your feet, you have to choose the best shoes to protect your feet from getting exhausted.

Here is a list of some factors which should be considered while buying the shoes which you would wear while walking on concrete.

  • Flexibility
  • Comfort
  • Weight
  • Breathability
  • Good arch support
  • Outsole


Shoes with flexible outsoles are the best for walking especially on such an unfriendly surface like concrete. It allows your feet to move around in a more natural manner. The flexible soles provide cushioning feel to your feet. If your shoes are not flexible, then it may cause pain to your feet and shins.


The shoes with flexible upper part and midsole are the best for walking on concrete as it allows easy movement of your feet. While walking, the upper part of your feet needs to move. Your toes need some space so that your feet may not get hurt during a walk. So the best choice is the shoe with a comfortable style.


Lightweight shoes are the best for walking on concrete all day long. They cause you very less or no fatigue as a very small amount of energy is required to lift them up. The weight of your shoes is directly linked with your efficiency. If you wear heavy shoes, you can barely walk. And it slows down your performance. And heavy shoes can also cause pain in feet.


Before buying any shoes, the most important thing to check is its breathability. The shoes which do not allow air to flow around your feet are the least comfortable as your feet constantly get sweat. As a result, blisters may form on your feet. So, you should spend your money wisely. And you should buy that type of shoes which allow air to pass through them.

Good arch support:

The good arch system in shoes keeps your feet in an ideal position and distributes the pressure evenly across your feet. It helps relieve foot pain. Good arch support improves your posture and provides you support and balance. It makes you walking more comfortable. It is also helpful for overall body health.


When you have to walk on concrete all the day, one major problem which you face is usually the broken or damaged outsole. As concrete is a very hard material, it can cause great damage to the leather outsole. That is why you should buy shoes with great resistance against abrasion and the outsole must also be anti-slip.

Some of The Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete are:

Image Product Features Amazon
Skechers Performance Men's Skechers Performance Men’s
  • This is made up of 100% mesh material.
  • Their insole is made up of Goga Max technology which provides extreme comfort.
  • This shoe is highly lightweight.
  • It is specially designed with a two-piece midsole.
  • Its insole has high wicking properties.
  • The outsole of this shoe is man-made
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Skechers for Work Skechers for Work
  •  This shoe is made of 100% leather.
  •  It has a rubber outsole that provides a good grip.
  •  It has a laces closure system.
  •  This shoe is waterproof.
  •  The shoe has a memory foam pad.
  •  This shoe is so comfortable and your feet will not get hurt after wearing them.
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Rockport Men's Chranson Rockport Men’s Chranson
  •  It has laces for better closure.
  •  It is available in different colors and for each color the upper stitching is available in contrast colors.
  •  The insole is man-made.
  •  The shoe is highly flexible which prevents your feet from any sort of injury.
  •  The outsole is designed in a biomechanical way to support your walking style.
  •  It is available in extended sizes and widths.
  • The tongue of shoes is made of mesh material, which provides breathability.
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Reebok Work Men's RB4041 Reebok Work Men’s RB4041
  •  It has a rubber sole which is the best anti-slip material.
  • Alloy toe is one of its unique features. It makes the shoe more comfortable as well as lightweight.
  • The shoe is made of mesh which provides you soft cushioning feel.
  • It is totally made of fabric that prevents your feet from suffocation.
  • The insole has moisture-wicking properties.
  • Memory tech footbed massages your foot every time when you walk. 
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KEEN Utility Men's KEEN Utility Men’s
  •  Its shank is one of its special characteristic which provides stability in every sudden movement.
  •  Mesh lining on the upper part allows fresh air to cross around your feet.
  •  Its rubber sole makes it anti-slip.
  •  The midsole is made with EVA foam which provides comfort.
  •  The steel toe protection protects your feet from falling objects.
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Saucony Women's ProGrid Saucony Women’s ProGrid
  • The full-grain leather uppers provide easy stretching for forefoot.
  •  It has a rubber sole with the non-marking property.
  •  The shoe has laces for adjusting the fitting according to your size.
  •  Padded tongue and collar provide you with cushioning.
  •  The cushioned insole provides you more comfort. 
  •  It provides you good heel support.
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Vionic Women's Walker Classic Shoes Vionic Women’s Walker Classic Shoes
  • ·Made with full-grain leather.
  •  Its upper part has an action lacing system that provides a secure fit.
  •  It has a removable EVA midsole which is malleable too.
  •  The fiber is of very good quality that it does not produce a bad odor.
  •  It has a 5” heel for a smooth transition in the heel-to-toe strike zone
  •  Provide high orthotic support
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ASICS Women's Gel-Venture ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture
  •  The gel cushioning system makes this shoe, shock absorber.
  •  It is made up of synthetic leather combined with mesh material which makes it breathable.
  •  The rubber sole provides an easy grip.
  •  Its ortho-lined footbed provides cushioning and enhances comfort by adjusting according to the foot of the user.
  •  The rear foot of the shoe is made with Gel technology.
  •  The high abrasion rubber is placed in the outsole which provides more stability.
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TIOSEBON Women's Athletic Walking Shoes TIOSEBON Women’s Athletic Walking Shoes
  •  The shoe is made with fabric and has holes in it which allows fresh air to pass through your feet.
  •  Its outsole is made with MD material which provides a strong grip.
  •  Its material is environmentally friendly.
  •  The style of this shoe is so good that you can wear it casually too.
  •  These shoes are extremely durable.
  •  It provides very soft cushioning due to Flyknit material.
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Clarks Women's Wave Trek Clarks Women’s Wave Trek
  •  The shoe is made with pure leather which makes it more comfortable.
  •  The upper lace closure provides you perfect fit.
  •  The outsole is made of rubber which gives you flexibility at each step.
  •  It is made of wave walk walking technology which conserves energy and minimizes fatigue.
  •  You can wear this shoe in all weather conditions.
  •  Its ortholite insole can be removed. This provides you the option to set your custom sole in.
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Best shoes for walking on Concrete 2021:


1. mSkechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoes

Goga Max technology

Skechers is a very famous brand for its style and quality. Their shoes are usually very comfortable. The Skechers performance go walk shoes are woven with mesh material. Its insole is made with Goga max technology which is shock absorbent. It pushes you back which means that it returns your energy back.

  • Highly breathable
  • Cushioning insole
  • Light-weight
  • Sweat-wicking insole
  • Easy to wear
  • It may not be suitable for fat persons.
Why should buy this product?

Skechers performance walk 3 shoes have Goga max insole which makes it unique and different from others. They are highly comfortable and easy to wear slip-on shoes.

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2. Skechers Work Sure Track – Trickel

Memory Foam Pad

Skechers work sure track is another masterpiece. This shoe is very comfortable to wear. One of the best things is that it is made of leather which makes it durable. You can wear this shoe while walking on a concrete surface even all day long and your day will end up without any foot pain.

  • These shoes are extra wide.
Why should buy this product?

Skechers work sure shoe is made up of leather which makes it durable and best fitted. And due to rubber sole, this shoe is anti-slip and provides a comfortable walk.

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3. Rockport Men’s We are Rockin Chranson Walking Shoe

Tread Traction

Rockport Rockin Chranson shoes are made of leather and mesh and the outsole is of synthetic material. This brand gives a very wide range of sizes for the right fit. These shoes are extremely comfortable for walking on a concrete surface. This brand uses advanced athletic technologies to make the best of the best shoes.

  • Tread traction prevents you from slipping.
  • Foam-padded collars
  • Flexibility
  • Best heel support
  • It does not provide ankle support.
  • Its sole is not made of rubber, but of synthetic material.
Why should buy this product?

This is a very comfortable and supportive shoe for those who spend a lot of time walking on a concrete surface. They are light and weight and flexible too which helps your feet to move in an easy manner.

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4. Reebok Work Men’s Athletic Oxford Industrial & Construction Shoe

Alloy toe

Reebok is famous for its high-quality and comfortable sports items. This shoe is highly suitable for those who have to spend the maximum of their time on concrete floors. Its memory tech footbed distributes the pressure equally to all the foot, and it adapts the shape of your foot and makes you walk more comfortably.

  • Tread traction prevents you from slipping.
  • Foam-padded collars
  • Flexibility
  • Best heel support
  • It does not provide ankle support.
Why should buy this product?

Reebok athletic shoe has very special properties such as alloy toe and memory footbed which adjusts according to your feet and provides you maximum comfort.Check Price on Amazon

5. KEEN Utility Men’s Atlanta Cool-M Industrial Shoe

Steel Toe Protection

Keen has designed this shoe in a unique manner by adding steel toe protection. It has a rugged sole. Due to these safety features, these shoes are highly recommended for use on concrete floors.

  • Breathability
  • Strong grip with floor
  • Cushioning
  • Lightweight
  • It has long string-like laces
  • Does not provide enough padding
  • The arch support is not good.
Why should one buy this product?

These shoes are very comfortable to wear even for the whole day. The shank provides you stability during torsion. It makes your movement safer and reduces the chance of slipping or falling. And steel toe protection is also a helpful feature.

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1. Saucony Women’s ProGrid Integrity ST2 Walking Shoe

Non-marking Outsole

The best walking shoes for women so far. They have a smart sleek design as well as provide you great comfort. With many advanced features, these shoes have a very affordable price. Style with comfort is combined in this one shoe.

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Flexibility
  • Cushioned footbed
  • Padded collars
  • Limited color options
Why should one buy this product?

Saucony ST2 walking shoes are the most comfortable shoes for women for walking on hard and rough concrete surfaces. It’s Progrid cushioning gives you extra comfort. Its heel is very beneficial and comfortable for those women who are suffering from heel pain.

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2. Vionic Women’s Walker

Active Motion System (AMS)

src=”×135.jpg” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”135″ />These Vionic women’s shoes are comfortable for work as well as for casual use. These shoes provide great comfort to your feet during a walk on concrete floors. They provide you extreme support and stability. Orthaheel technology makes it different from others.

  • Waterproof
  • Provides cushioning
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • It does not have good arch support.
  • Not suitable for women suffering from plantar fasciitis
Why should one buy this product?

This shoe is so comfortable and provides you great cushioning. It has an active motion system (AMS) which makes it flexible and it has 5” heel for a smooth transition.

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3. ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 7

Ortholite Sockliner                                          

ASICS Gel-Venture 7 is designed in a very unique way. Its upper surface is made with synthetic leather and the fabric lining in it provides breathability to your feet. Its footbed is a moisture absorber so that you can have a comfortable walk.

  • Gel technology.
  • Available in many attractive colors.
  • .Allows air to cross around.
  • Ortholine footbed
  • Do not have good arch support.
Why should one buy this product?

This pair of shoes gives you comfort in many ways. Gel technology and ortholite sockliner are two important technologies used in it. Its outsole is also made of special rubber. This shoe is extremely durable.

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4. TIOSEBON Women’s Athletic Walking Shoes

Elastic MD Outsole

For those women, who have to walk on concrete surfaces for a long period, these walking shoes from Tiosebon are the best choice. They are easy to wear slip-on shoes made of a very soft and comfortable textile. Their outsole is so flexible and lightweight which makes this shoe the best choice ever.

  • Breathable
  • Flexible
  • Slip-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Not suitable for people having low arches.
  • These shoes do not provide good toes and ankle support.
Why should one buy this product?

Tiosebon has made these extremely soft cushioning shoes for you guaranteed comfort. You will never regret investing your money. Apart from its features, one of the best things about these shoes is that they are available in more than 30 colors.

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5. Clarks Women’s Wave Trek Sneaker

Removable Insole

Clark’s Wave Trek Sneakers provide you comfort as long as you need it. The leather makes it waterproof. It is a shock absorber and provides you comfort at every step you take. As women are more style-conscious, so this shoe is the best option for them to buy as it is super stylish and comfortable too.

  • Rubber sole
  • Water-resistant
  • Relieves pain
  • Stylish
  • Removable footbed

  • Not suitable for long feet
  • The toe area is very narrow
Why should one buy this product?

Clark’s Wave Trek sneakers are very comfortable shoes for women. And their style is so appealing. It provides you all the necessary comfort and support which is required while walking on a concrete surface.

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When you are in search of The Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete, make sure that you choose comfort. When you are working around hard surfaces, there are great chances of foot and leg injuries. To protect yourselves from any such harm, your shoes must be flexible.

They must be of breathable material so your feet cannot get sweat during a walk. If you keep in mind all these factors while buying your shoes, you will surely invest your money in the right place. The list we have given above will also help you to choose the best. And you will be able to give your feet the required comfort and support.

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