How much do shoes weigh?

It is a topic of debate on most forums that what is the ideal weigh of the shoes that has an impact on your performance. This is a conflicting debate some experts believe that the weight of the shoe matters but some experts are not agreeing with this.

If you are running in heavy military shoes, it definitely has an impact on your running speed. For runners, heavy shoes are not suitable. According to scientist, the lighter the running shoes is, the faster you can run. And most probably this is the reason why most running shoes are not heavy. The weigh of the running shoes depends upon its cushion size. A shoe with cushion level 5 is heavier than the one having cushion level 1.However the protection of cushion level 1 shoe is far less than the cushion level 5 shoes. Reducing shoe mass by removing cushions can make you spend more energy by absorbing shocks from each footstep. Cushion level 1 shoes are good for walking or for training purpose.

Why the size of the shoes really matters

The size is also the factor that matters in counting the weight of the shoes. It impacts the overall weight of the footwear. The shoe is the one area where size really does matter. Bigger the shoes mean more material it has, which means the more extra weight. Learning how to determine the weight of a shoe is a complete guess to a certain extent, part of which is thinking about common sense factors that cause its weight to increase. If you buy a shoe in size six and the other one in size twelve, it is a common sense that size twelve going to weigh more than the size six shoe. This makes sense that the weight of the shoe are likely to be more relied on the average size of the shoe.

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How does shoe weight rely on shoe material?

In addition to the size of the shoe, the factor that has an impact on the weight of the shoe is actually the material of the shoe itself. That is the reason why light material is used to make kids shoes. You often noticed that your flip-flops blown away by the wind than shoe boots. The idea is flip-flops are made of light material like foam, cotton or synthetic material. While boots are usually made of heavy material like leather etc.

The type and amount of rubber used to create the shoes is the primary concern when it comes to weight. You can quickly notice the difference between the weight of a thin rubber bottom shoe and a shoe that has almost three inches of rubber at the bottom which are basically designed to make you look taller.

The primary material of the shoe also has a significant impact on the weight of the shoe beyond the amount of rubber used.

A sturdy pair of leather shoes weigh usually weigh a bit more than the shoes made of cotton or other synthetics material which are designed for runners. The cotton and synthetics materials are lightweight; this feature makes them useful in the first place in making running shoes.

The padding of the shoe is another factor that might impact the overall weight of shoes. Some shoes like converse shoes that have no padding are  bit lighter than the fully padded shoes.

How much does a woman shoe weigh:

The average weigh of women shoes should be between  2  to 2.5 pounds that are almost 908 to 1134 in grams. However, the average weigh of shoe vary from style to style. For example, for high heel of 2 to 4 inch, the average weigh is 565 grams. Women running shoes weigh less than the running shoes of men because of smaller size and therefore weigh lighter.

How much do men shoe weigh:

On average men, shoe weigh 2.5 to 3 pounds which is 1134 to 1361 grams. Men’s shoes also have different types, so the weigh is also dependent on types. For example the weight of boots are heavier. Small boots average weigh is 1 to 1.5 pounds which is 1361 to 1815 grams. More giant shoes have weigh 4 to 6 pounds which is1815 to 2722 grams.

How much does children shoe weigh

Children’s shoes are usually made up of light material like cotton and synthetic material and weigh between 1 to 1.5 pounds which 454 to 680 grams approximately.

Final Verdict:

Although there is no reason why people who don’t participate in running forums need to know the exact weight of the shoes, considering the details you may not have before, it is an interesting exercise to think about the weight of the shoes.

The weigh of the shoe is depended on certain factors like size, amount of sweat it soaked and material of the shoe. The cushion level of running shoes also determine their weight. The weight of the shoe is also dependent in the style of the shoes like slippers are more likely to be lighter than your boots. The average weigh of women shoes is almost 2 to 2.5 pounds that is nearly 908 to 1134, and the average size of men shoes is approximately 2.5 to 3 pounds, i.e. 1361 to 1815 grams, while for children the average shoe weigh is 1 to 1.5 pounds which 454 to 680 grams approximately.

In fact, you might even be able to buy two pairs of the same pair of shoes of the same size, but still, find that your shoes weigh differently because it’s merely inexact.

We can be sure that if you want lighter shoes, there will be many pairs of foam flip-flops waiting for you in the market. If you wish to wear heavier shoes, steel toe boots are a very cheap option, and it will let you do it as planned.

The total weight of a shoe depends on who you are, who they are, how big your feet are, and some other factors we may not know about. There is one thing to consider Lighter shoes are not always the best shoes because they are less protective for your feet, and heavier shoes are not always worst for your feet, the more material make shoes more protective and comfortable for your feet.


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