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Non-Slip shoes are best for the employees of foodservice industries, catering, nurses, medical staff and the employees who have to work on wet and greasy floors. This is because of the need to significantly reduce the cost and frequency of injuries caused by slipping.

Non-slip shoes are designed to reduce slips, falls and trips. It provides a slip-resistant grip so that the wearers stay on their feet when walking on greasy and wet surfaces. People who worked in construction areas, health care centres, catering and foodservice industries are the ones that get more benefit from wearing non-slip shoes.

How do non-slip shoes work?

Non-slip shoes have deeper tread grooves which have higher friction. These deep grooves provide wearers grip on the ground plus resistant against falls and trips. The more deep groves your shoes have, the more slip-resistant the shoes are.

The patters on the shoes also affect the shoe grip. The out sole with circle patterns increase the grip, on oily and wet surfaces. The flatten shoe surfaces do not allow the liquid from moving away from the base of the shoe, so you are more likely to slip when you are wearing flat pattern shoes.

If you are among those people who have to work in wet and greasy places, then Non-slip shoes are the solution for you. Go and buy them in the first place, Bit if you don’t want to spend money on new shoes then you can make your old shoes slip-resistant by following these tried and tested simple tips that effectively worked well in resisting slips, and helps you to avoid injuries.
The things you need are;
• Hairspray
• Band-Aid
• Nail file
• Grip pad
• Puff paint
• Non Slip sole pad
• Masking tape or rubber glue
• Sandpaper

Make your shoes Non-slip using hairspray

You can use your hair spray to make your shoes Non- slip. It is an effective solution and can work well to make your shoes resisting slippery surfaces. Just spray it to the sole of your shoe and allow it to settle for almost 1 or 2 minutes before wearing shoes. Though a hair spray is not a permanent solution but you can use it if you have to go to the workplace, which is greasy and oily.

  Make your shoes Non-slip using Band-Aid

If your workplace is more prone to having a bad fall even after wearing high-quality shoes. You can use Band-Aid; this is probably the most handy solution.

Grab two Band-Aids according to your shoe size and paste them to the outer sole of your shoe. To enhance the grip, paste the Band-Aid on the heal too.



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Make your shoes Non-slip using Nail file

To make your shoes slip-resistant, you can also make use of your nail file. Take a nail file and it in the same way as you use sandpaper. Rub the shoe bottom surface with Nail file to make it smooth. Metal Nail files are more useful; it can help you to produce better results.
Make your shoes Non-slip using grip pad

The footwear which is almost worn out you can also use grip pad. Just put the pads on your shoe’s sole. Invest your money on high-quality grip pad. An excellent quality grip pad will not make you feel sticky. The good thing is grip pads are affordable. It serves as a quick fix if you don’t have money to buy new shoes immediately.

Make your shoes Non-slip by scuffing the sole

if you want to improve the traction of your work you can do this by scuffing the sole of your shoe,

you can give it traction, which is a huge help in making it slip-resistant.




Make your shoes Non-slip using a puff paint.

If you or kids are interested in arts and crafts, then you definitely have puff paint in your home. You can use this paint effectively to make your shoes Non- slip definitely. To improve the grip of your shoes just put a layer of puff paint thoroughly on the sole of your shoes.

Let it dry for at least 2 to 3 hours or until the paint dry completely. You can wear your shoes after the paint is completely dries out. The advantage of using puff paint is it last longer when as compared to hair sprays.

Attach a non-slip sole pad on your shoes

There are many non-slip sole pads available in the market for all shoe sizes. You can use it to make your ordinary shoes slip-resistant. Attach a non-slip sole pad to the outer part of the shoe.

The additional benefit of non-slip sole is it not only prevents you from falling but also make your shoe sole long-lasting plus it is also comfortable.

When it comes to price, besides all of its benefits, it is not at all too expensive. You can get it in 6 to 7 dollars, which is not huge if we consider its benefits.

Allow sole to wear away naturally

New shoes are mostly slippery. Wear your shoes as often as possible so that its Sole wear down naturally. It makes your shoes less slippery and removes the sole sickness of your new pair of shoes.

However, if you are going to place which has a slippery surface switch to other pair of slip-resistant shoe to save yourself from any injury.


Use masking tape to make your shoe Non-slip

For increasing the grip of your shoes, masking tape is the best and quick solution. Using a masking tape make X on the shoe bottom.

Make sure to apply the tape on the flattest and widest part of the shoe for the better results.


Use rubber glue to make your shoe Non-slip

Rubber glues can provide grainy texture to your shoe that really helps in improving the grip and traction. You can also make use of the rubber glue and salt solution, which is known for providing some sort of grainy texture to your shoe,

thereby improving its traction and grip. With enhanced traction and grip, you have a guarantee that your shoes doesn’t slide easily. Simply mix some salt and glue together and then apply the mixture to the bottom of your shoes.

Let it settle for a few minutes. After that, you can wear it and move.

Use sandpaper to make your shoe Non-slip

You can rub sandpaper on the sole of the shoes to make your shoes slip resistant . Make sure that you can rub those smooth portions that usually come in contact with the floor.

Continue doing this tip until your sole become textured. Sandpaper can serve as a quick fix to make your shoes Non-Slip for work.


Veterinarians, medical staff, technicians, restaurant workers are usually exposed to wet surfaces and floors of various textures. If your workplaces are slippery, there are chances that you get injured if you don’t take precautionary measures.

It is crucial to prioritize your safety because safety comes first. Wear the Non-slip shoes at the workplace to avoid injuries, if you don’t want to spend money to buy non slip shoes. You can try these simple and affordable tips to make your shoes Non-slip for work.

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