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Suppose you have a pair of shoes that you would like to paint with beautiful and interesting patterns.  You can do it using acrylic paints. Acrylic paints are wonderful. They come in vibrant and bright colors as compared to other painting options available in the market.  They have a pleasant smell, and the good thing is they are not expensive at all.

If you are thinking of using acrylic paint on shoes. There are many DIY craftsman available on Pinterest and YouTube that decorates shoes with beautiful artwork. Acrylic paint is inherently flexible, but it may crack under certain conditions. Here are some of the tips that you can use to prevent your shoes from cracking. Use these tips to keep your shoes in good condition.

1.    Clean your shoes


It is recommended that canvas shoes should be used for painting. The shoes must be clean from all the dirt and dust before painting, or else the Acrylic paint won’t stay on the shoes or crack from your canvas shoes after some time.


2.    Use thin layers of Acrylic Paint

The best way to avoid cracking acrylic paint is to use thin layers to paint your shoes. After applying a thin layer, allow it to dry. Don’t apply a second layer before the first layer dry. Avoid using hairdryers because heat can make paint crack. Allow them to dry naturally. It will take some time, but to create a beautiful thing; you need to spend your time on it.


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3.    Use a good quality brand of Acrylic Paint


Find a brand you love and stick with it. Avoid mixing different brands because it makes your shoes crack easily


4.    Use small strokes of the brush

Use even and short brushstrokes. Take your time. If you want your shoes to look good, don’t hurry. Its good to start with lighter colors and use darker shades for the retouching. Faded colors and gaps can also be minimized with thin layers.




5.    Paint in the direction of the toes box


There is another good tip to prevent shoes from cracking is to paint with your fingers towards the toes. The toe side is the most flexible one. If you paint in the direction of your shoes, this will absolutely reduce the risk of cracking.




6.    What kind of Acrylic paint should you use to avoid cracking your shoes

There are two kinds of acrylic paints:

  1. Students quality
  2. Artists quality

The quality of these two paints is different. The artist’s quality acrylic paints have a wide range of colors as compared to students quality acrylic paints. Moreover, The artist’s high-quality paints have a smoother texture, making them easier to apply and mix, and the colors are more vivid. So choosing artist’s quality Acrylic paints would be an excellent option to prevent paint from cracking on shoes.


Try not to use Acryclic paints with a high concentration of calcium carbonate, as this can cause the resulting coating to dry to a fragile surface that can easily crack. Apply paint thinly, leaving no lumps. This will prevent cracking and allow a better grip. Let it dry thoroughly,  before applying the second layer.

7.    Spray it

After getting done with the painting, it’s a good idea to spray your shoes with the waterproof spray. Carefully spray the shoes; otherwise, the paint will smudge. It will create a seal on the shoes, which will prevent it from getting cracked.

That’s all! These are some tips that you should keep in mind before painting your shoes. It would prevent  Acrylic paint from cracking on shoes.

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