How to Soften the Backside of Shoes?

Shoes are an essential part of our life. For a proper and comfortable walk, shoes are essential. It provides safety to our feet. Shoes come in various sizes and styles. Whether you like casual flip-flops, heeled shoes,  sporty sneakers, running boots, there are many options available in the market.

Mostly when we buy new shoes from our favorite brand, we often have to face this issue that they are hard from the back-side, which hurts our feet. There are various reasons for it, but for now, we will focus on solutions.

Since new shoes found in stores are not worn continuously, they are less flexible and may bite your feet. It takes some time to make new shoes soften. However, if you want to speed up the process, you have come to the right place.

There are many methods available to soften the back of your new shoes. Some ways quite worked, and few don’t.

Tips to Soften the Back of Your New Shoes

  1. Use a 2-way Shoe Stretcher
  2. Place wooden Insert inside the shoe
  3. Use zip-lock bags to freeze shoes
  4. Wear thick padded socks
  5. Use Your Hair Dryer To Heat the Back of Your Shoes
  6. Use Wet Newspaper
  7. Try Shoe Stretch Spray
  8. Perform Soap Rubbing
  9. Use Rubbing Alcohol
  10. Use petroleum jelly

Here we have comprehensively mentioned the following tips that can work effectively:

  • Use a 2-way Shoe Stretcher

A solid 2-way shoe stretcher is used to stretch out the back-side of your new shoes. It can effectively soften the back of your new shoes. Grab a shoe stretcher and stretch the shoes length wise and width wise. You can stretch your shoes up to 0.5 inches easily without any issue. Here is a complete guide of using a shoe stretcher to widen the shoe back.

The 2-way stretcher has two handles;

  1. Widening handle—to stretch shoe width wise
  2. Lengthening handle—to stretch shoe length wise

Step 1:Turn the widening handle of the 2- way stretcher anti-clockwise, to reduce the width of the stretcher.

Step 2:By turning the lengthening wheel anti-clockwise, move the heel block as close to the toe block as possible.

Step 3:Insert the stretcher inside the shoe and adjust it appropriately. After inserting the  2-way stretcher inside the shoe, turn the lengthening wheel in clockwise direction.

Strep 4: If you want to stretch your shoes on width, then move the widening handle in clockwise direction.

Step 5: Now let the stretcher do its work and wait for 3 to 4 hours.

Step 6: For removing the stretcher from shoes, move the lengthening and widening handle wheel anti-clockwise remove it slowly from the shoes that’s all.

You can see that a 2-way stretcher has done its work and stretch your shoes upto0.5 inches.

  • Put Wooden Insert Inside the Shoe

This method is similar to the above mentioned method. The main  difference is, in the above method, you do it manually. But Wooden Insert can work automatically. You have to place it in your shoes for a few days. After a few days, you can clearly see that the tightness of the back-side of your shoe is gone now.

  • Use Hair dryer

If your shoe material is leather, you can use your hair dryer to soften the back-side of your new shoes. Turn on your hair dryer and simply heat thee back-side of your new shoes. Heat will stretch and soften the back-side material of the shoe. DON’T use this trick on any other material except leather; otherwise, you end up ruining the material of the shoe.

  • Use Zip Lock Bags

Ziplock bags can be used to soften the back of your shoes. It is a quiet, efficient method that you can try at home. For this method, the following things are required:

  • Freezer
  • Ziplock bag
  • Water

Now you have to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Pour the water in the zip lock bag and lock it.

Step 2: Put these bags inside your new shoes near the heel side.

Step 3: Store the zip bag in your freezer.

Step 4:  Take them out after 6 to 7 hours.

You will notice that your new shoes have widened a bit. The reason is when water freezes, it expands , which causes the shoe heel to stretch out.

Avoid this method if the Ziplock bag is dripping. Some shoes even absorb water. This solution is not worked for themThis method increase the size of your shoes, although you have to wait for the ice to melt before trying them on.

  • Wear Thick Padded Socks

It is most probably the pretty easiest way to solve this problem. It sounds quite funny, but Believe it; you can stretch back and even front side of your shoes by just wearing sock. Yes! You hear it right. Just wear a pair of reliable pair of thick padded socks with your shoes and walk in your house or go to market. Do it for a few days regularly. You can see that the heel side of your shoes is stretched. This tip is best for athletes and runners in a marathon because thick padded socks work well with jogging and coaches. It keeps the foot safe from ulcers as well as blisters. These socks also help relieve the pain that may occur during strenuous exercise.

Thick padded stockings are available in various padding levels. It would be best if you chose the right type to get the desired effect. In general, thick padding socks have been clinically tested and proven to make one’s shoes more comfortable. It worked only if your shoes are slightly tighter. If your shoes are tighter more than the normal level, then this trick might not work, You have to try some other method.

  • Use wet Newspaper

To soften the back-side of your shoes, you can also use the newspaper. This is quite a simple but effective tip. Take some old newspapers and water in a bowl. Soak the newspaper in water and squeeze the excess water from it. Stuff your shoes with this wet newspaper and leave it for one day or till it becomes dry.

Repeat this process for a few days to get the best results. After some days, you experienced that the back-side of your shoe is now expanded.

  • Use Stretch Spray

There are many shoe stretch sprays available in the market. As the name suggests, they are used to stretch the back of your shoes. Take a good quality shoe stretch spray. This is one of the easiest methods that you can quickly try in your home. Grab the stretch spray and spray it thoroughly on the back-side of your new shoes. The good thing is you can also spray it on other areas of the shoes where you feel tightness for fitting.

Repeat this procedure for a few days. You will experience that the back-side of your shoes is softens.

Perform Soap Rubbing

It sounds quite funny, but it really works. Take a soap available in your home and make it wet with water. Rub the bar soap on the back and wherever you feel tightness. After rubbing your shoe, wear it immediately and walk in it for some time.

Repeat this method for the next few days regularly. You will see that your shoes are stretched out and become comfortable.

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  • Use Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is also a very effective method. You can do it easily in your home. Tale a spray bottle and pour some alcohol in it spray the alcohol on the tight areas of the shoes. For getting the desired result, the back and heel side of the shoe must be appropriately sprayed. After spraying, wear the shoes and walk for some hours.

Repeat this process until the back of your shoe is completely stretched out.

  •  Use Petroleum Jelly

Many people have tried out petroleum jelly to soften the back-side of your shoes. It is the most recommended method you can use it on the back-side of the shoe. Take jelly in your hand and apply it on the back-side of shoe. Do it until the petroleum jelly completely gets absorbed inside the shoe

Now place it for a few hours and wear it. You can experience the stretching of your footwear. Repeat this process for a few days to get the best results.


These are the simple tricks that you can use to soften the back-side of your shoes. All of these ways are very effective and can also be implemented at home. Take some precautionary measures. Don’t use method  2 and 3 on shoes other than leather material.

When we buy new shoes from our favorite brand, we often faced this issue that they are hard from the back-side, which hurt our feet. But we still wear them and keep getting hurt until they soften up with time naturally.

These simple hacks, to soften up the back-side of the shoes are really helpful for getting rid of this problem.

There is another option that changes the size of the shoe, but sometimes we don’t get the right shoe size of our favorite pair of shoes. So, in the end, we only left up with the first option. For a proper walk, the first thing that you required is comfortable shoes. If your shoes are not comfy, it causes superficial discomfort. Moreover, it also causes pain in the knees, back, and feet. So to avoid all these problems, try these simple tricks, and make your life easy and comfortable.

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