How to store shoes long term?

How to store shoes long termDo you want  to know how to store shoes for a long time? The shoes are very delicate, which means they need extra care to store them. Follow these simple tricks and methods, and you’ll learn how to store your shoes and how to pack them in a cabinet.

For storing the shoes in the best way you need to follow the following steps;

  • Select the storage unit carefully
  • Group your shoes
  • Select the right packing material
  • Avoid storing wet and damp shoes
  • Maintain the appropriate temperature
  • Use shoe tree to preserve the shoe shape
  • Clean shoes properly before storing

1.  Select the storage unit carefully

How to store shoes long termChoose a secure storage place for storing your shoes. Select storage place which is airy and protects the shoes from dust, pests and moisture and provide your shoes with a strong defence against any damage. Typically storage spaces are like a cage or wood cupboards. These areas are prone to all sorts of environmental factors such as dust, moisture, dust and pests etc. So select your storage space carefully that protects your shoes from all these factors. Buy the storage unit that suits your need plus resist moisture.

2.   Group your shoes

How to store shoes long termAfter selecting the right storage space for your shoes. The first thing that you have to do is group your shoes. The best way of grouping your shoes is, arrange them according to frequency of use. Arranging them in this way make it easier to pull them out of your storage unit when required. If you are still confused about how to group them. Don’t worry, use the following scheme of grouping shoes.

  • Group your dress shoes and other heels together.
  • Group flip flops, sandals and other summer shoes together.
  • Group your winter shoes, joggers and sneakers in the same place.
  • Group your casual shoes and exercise shoes together.

3.   Which packing material should be used for sho or storage?

How to store shoes long termChoose a good packing material because no matter how moisture-resistant and safe your storage unit is your shoes get damaged if you don’t pack them using high quality storage material. Some high-quality materials are mentioned below:

  • Use old shoeboxes
  • Packing paper is the best choice
  • Fabric material (it is also a good)
  • Tissues
  • Acid-free paper towels (Acid-free paper is a moisture absorbent it protects the shoes from getting damaged as well as maintain the shoes’ proper moisture level )
  • Newspaper can also be used

Do’s and Don’ts of packing shoes


  • Avoid using newspaper to wrap wet or dump shoes because if your shoes are moist or slightly damp, the ink of newspaper might damage your shoes.
  • Avoid using plastic bags. The shoes also need to breathe properly when stored. Wrapping leather and suede shoes with plastic makes shoes prone to mould and eventually discolours the shoes. Instead of wrapping plastic, wrap your shoes with acid-free paper towels.


  • For storing them for longer time, it is recommended that you store your shoes in shoe boxes.
  • Silica gel packets are often found in shoe boxes. Always place silica gel packets in shoes to keep the shoe material fresh plus it can absorb moisture and keep the shoes dry
  • To keep them safe during storage wrap the shoes in acid-free tissue paper Avoid storing wet shoes
  • If your shoes are wet place them in an airy area to let them dry thoroughly before storing. Don’t put wet or damp shoes in boxes or storage unit. Wet shoes are more prone to get attacked by the moulds, which gives them an awful smell.

4.   Use a shoe rack to organize your shoes

How to store shoes long termIf you have a very big collection , you need a second place to store shoes that you don’t wear often. Shoe racks help you organize your shoes on your wardrobe or bedroom wall. Choose a plastic or wooden shoe rack and group your shoes by purpose, stack them evenly, and put them away after each use.

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5.   Maintain the Appropriate Temperature

How to store shoes long termHigh humidity and low-temperature support mould growth. Under these conditions, the leather becomes brittle, the fabric used to produce the shoes becomes weak, and the shoe’s glue becomes loose. Similarly, the harsh handling of shoes can also cause them to be unstable.

Avoid storing them in basements, because these places got too hot in summers and too cold in the winter season. Which can break down the fibres in the shoes and cause them a severe damage

6.   Use shoe tree to preserve the shoe shape

src=”×204.png” alt=”How to store shoes long term” width=”300″ height=”204″ />Shoe tree is basically a  device that is used to protect the shoe shape and prevent it from creases and folds and keep the shoes in wearable state plus prevent them from attacks of moulds.

7.    Clean the Shoes Before storing them

How to store shoes long termMake sure you remove all the dust and debris from your shoes before storing them. Because storing them with dust and debris badly affect the durability of shoes. Dirt causes them to degrade, especially suede and leather shoes. Dust and debris also laid a good foundation for the growth of moulds.

To avoid these problems, brush suede and leather shoes with a soft, non-scratching brush to remove dirt and dust. Clean canvas shoes by brushing them first and then using soapy water or cleansers to remove stains. Wash plastic shoes with soap and water.


Shoes should be protected from water, sun and dust so that they do not fade or warp during storage. Proper storage of shoes will help them look great and survive several seasons. Shoes should be protected from dust, water and sun so that they do not fade or warp during storage. Proper storage of shoes will help them look great and survive several seasons. Always place silica gel packets in the shoeboxes to protect shoes from dampness. These are the methods you need to know for storing your shoes long term, without getting them damaged.

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